IMG_1333Been to see one of our shows and fancy having a go at playing? Want to explore the wonderful world of short form storytelling? Keen to improve your short form game? We offer intensive workshops for improvisers of all levels with a focus on playing short form in performance.

IMG_1191If you’d like to get in touch about running a private workshop for your business or organisation email

“Faye is not only a great human, but she’s the type of person you want around you when ‘taking a risk’ seems like the scariest thing in the world. She teaches, encourages and gives you the advice and skills needed to improve.”

“Faye remembers what it’s like to be afraid the first time you improvise… IMG_0786you’re safe with her, she’s got your back – just enjoy and have a good time.” 

“Your teaching style is a rare and powerful combination of strict enough to relay really impactful feedback, and kind and safe enough to build the players, rather than make them feel self-conscious.  Your love of the craft absolutely shone through and made us all energised and inspired, so thank you so much for that.”

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