What is Theatresports™?

IMGP5977Theatresports™ is an improvisation show created by Keith Johnstone and developed at the Loose Moose Theatre. The first official performance was held at the Pumphouse Theatre in 1977.

Theatresports™ is a great format for beginner improvisers who wish to gain confidence in front of an audience through short form games and directed open scenes, or for more IMG_4842experienced improvisers who want to hone their storytelling and scene craft.

In simple terms, Theatresports™ is defined as teams of improvisers competing for points. But Theatresports™ is much more than
a format.  It encourages performers to take risks in a good natured, safe environment. The IMG_4989components of the show (horn, basket, judges, challenges, team, host, etc.) are there to support risk. They encourage improvisers to be playful, joyful, and fearless in their endeavour to create stories.

The show aims to offer variety, ranging from comedic basketto the dramatic. The idea for the show came from the desire to create an evening of theatre that would excite and engage the audience, leaving them thinking and talking about the show in the same way as you might do a sporting event.



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